Transfer ideas to shape

In our own, modernly equipped tool room, we are ready to make, in a short period of time (using the standard elements and ready to use housings), quality and precise moulds which consequently provide high quality of products in the serial production process.

Working together with staff highly experienced, and using machines with CNC management and modern CAM technologies, makes us capable of producing high performance moulds.

We produce moulds with or without hot-runner systems, with complex kinematic elements, for one-component or two-component injection. mouldl construction we do on our own, using contemporary CAD softwares and applying the complete parameterization, which eventual changes makes instantaneous.

For mould-making, we use standard elements (Meusburger, HASCO, Thermoplay, Synventive and others)

  • Mould construction and mould making
  • Optimization of your existing tools
  • Maintenance of tools